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The internet and social media have made it easier than ever to give money, especially through crowdfunding services like GoFundMe. But donating online is not without its risks.

A new guide distributed by North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall offers tips on how to safely donate to charity online.

“Giving online is quick and convenient, but I urge everyone to ask a few questions before clicking the Donate button to make sure they’re doing the most good with every charitable dollar,” Marshall said. in a press release.

The online donor and consumer guide highlights the kind of information a donor should ask for when making a charitable donation through an online platform or app.

Among the questions: How much of your money goes to the cause you are trying to support?

And some platforms keep a percentage as a management fee. Make sure they tell you the fee amount in advance, the guide recommends.

Donors should also ask when your charity will receive the money, according to the guide. For example, when you donate via text message, the charity only receives the money when you pay your next phone bill, which will include the donation.

If you’re trying to donate money quickly, experts recommend giving directly to the charity on their website. This way, you will know how much they will receive and when, and you should be able to get a receipt for tax purposes. All donations on peer-to-peer applications are not tax deductible.

The guide also recommends that donors ensure that the donation website has a secure link: look for the “https” at the beginning of the page address. And it’s safer to donate to a state-registered charity, the guide says. You can find a list online at the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office.

The guide was created by the National Association of State Charity Officials, the National Association of Secretary of State, and the National Association of Attorneys General. It is available on

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